Sell Your Condo At A Profit!


Do You Own A Condo or Property on Whidbey Island?

  • NAS Whidbey Island is expanding, bringing in a new squadron and all the personnel and families associated with expansion
  • The US Navy estimates a housing "shortfall" in the NAS area of over 400 bedrooms! In other words, they need over 400 bedrooms that don't exist…
  • There is a housing shortage in the area starting NOW
  • Demand is up, Supply is down, and real estate is selling fast!
  • Now is the time to sell your property at a profit! Take advantage of this opportunity to cash out now!

Please contact me for more details. I would love to have the opportunity to help you market and sell your property at the best price possible. Timing the market is a major factor in making money in real estate, and the time is now…

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